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Postpartum Depression: Navigating the Challenges of Motherhood

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Postpartum Depression is a mood disorder and can happen with new mothers as well mothers with second or any number of child, does not matter, here what matters is how the mother feels and gets the support she needs. It is characterized by intense feelings of anxiety, sadness, exhaustion, loss of interest or pleasure in activities, etc. which significantly impact the mother’s ability to care of herself and her baby.

Unlike the more common and milder "baby blues," which many women experience shortly after giving birth, postpartum depression symptoms are more severe and prolonged.

Baby Blues:

1. Baby blues are a relatively common and temporary condition that affects up to 80% of new mothers. It typically occurs within the first week after childbirth and can last for a few days up to two weeks.

2. Symptoms of baby blues include mood swings, tearfulness, irritability, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping.

3. The cause of baby blues is believed to be related to hormonal fluctuations and the adjustment to new motherhood.

Depression can go up to more sever phase if not taken seriously. Every mother should just take the process smoothly don’t rush things, be soft on yourself. Being a mother is not an easy task, trust me. Your baby needs you the most than anyone. If you are the partner who reading this you have to support the mother as much you can, and also give her some time as your wife too.

After having a baby, often the partners forget they are a couple before being parents which also can leads to the depression. As mothers we start questioning ourselves as we feel helpless, less productive, exhausted like what I have become, this is not what I was.

I have been there, and I can assure you when these questions come up in your mind just look at your child and feel blessed that you made it so far and you have a great family. Communications is the key, talk to your child, your family about what you feel. Hang in there, the time will pass.

Be Positive always, No matter what’s the situations is.

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